The first four months of BeMused’s existence were a whirlwind of activities. When you are building something from scratch, it is very exciting to see your ideas take shape and then see them get closer to becoming a reality.

One thing that I have developed a deeper appreciation for is that the first and last stretches of any creative journey, while equally exciting in their own way, are very different beasts.

When you are starting from the ground up, progress is easy to mark. Where there was nothing before, you now have something. As the idea matures and develops, progress becomes harder to identify. What has become increasingly clear through our conversations with performing artists and others, however, is the value that BeMused can bring to the performing arts community.

As we continue our work in 2013, we are stepping up our efforts to reach out to the performing arts community. Our friends and colleagues within the music community have been a great source of support; it is also our priority to reach out to our colleagues in theatre, dance, and other areas that defy categorization.

In January, we are excited to share with you our Q&As with Native Earth and Bygone Theatre, each of which are putting on a great show this month. We also have our eyes on MABELLEarts, which, in celebration of winter, will be holding a festival in February at a high-density housing complex in Central Etobicoke of the same name. Oh, and not to mention Ballet Creole with its production of Tounkande on tour to celebrate the upcoming Black History Month.

So stay tuned and don’t forget to sign up to be the first to be notified when we launch our service!

On behalf of the BeMused Team, wishing you a creative and exciting new year in 2013.