Q & A with Theatre Director Emily Dix

I’ve heard a lot of people say that you should always be questioning what you’re doing and be worried you’re not good enough—I think that’s really bizarre advice. You need confidence to pull off a show, and when you’re directing, if you’re not confident in your actors and your own ability, others will see that and your show will fail.

“Why do you suspect me?” Anne Shepherd as Sister Aloysius, Jordan Gray as Father Flynn. Photo credit: Danielle Son

Being the artistic director of a small theatre company, Bygone Theatre’s Emily Dix has had to play multiple roles, among which directing is her favourite. In this Q & A, she reveals some of her thoughts on what it means to be a director and what it takes for a small company to put on a play. Read on…

Q & A with Director-Actor Victoria Urquhart

We are emerging artists; we are hungry and excited to learn and grow; and we can satisfy that hunger by using our talents and opening up our learning experiences to benefit others too.

Victoria Urquhart is the founder of Spur-of-the-Moment Shakespeare Collective, and also our 100th follower on Twitter. (Thanks to everyone for their support!) To celebrate this milestone, they are our featured performing artists in a Q & A that underscores the common challenges faced by emerging talents regardless of artistic boundaries. Read on…

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