Andrew Lamb

Q&A with Roseneath Theatre’s Andrew Lamb

It’s very important to reflect their role as young people in our community back to them, so they can consider and reflect. At Roseneath, we see young people as little adults, not kids. They have just as complex an emotional life as any full grown adult, so why treat them any differently?

Roseneath Theatre’s Artistic Director Andrew Lamb. Photo by Cylla von Tiedermann.

The realities of young people today are becoming more and more complex. They are faced with challenges that are difficult to discuss and are often left with more questions than answers. Roseneath Theatre’s latest production of Hannah Moscovitch’s “In This World” directed by Andrew Lamb tackles the issue of how to handle unwanted sexual attention.

In this Q&A, Andrew shares with us his thoughts on the role that theatre can play in guiding our young people, and the unique experience of working in both the world of education and performing arts.

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