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Q & A with Bygone Theatre’s Matt McGrath

The biggest challenge … is simply trying to get your name out there and to get butts in seats. There are so many different theatre companies and festivals out there, it’s really easy to get lost in the whirlwind.

In anticipation of Bygone Theatre’s production of Dial M for Murder this month (August 15-17), we are pleased to present our Q & A with the play’s producer Matt McGrath. Matt founded the theatre company alongside Emily Dix, whom we interviewed back in January, 2013. Read about how their shared love of classic Hollywood films formed the basis of Bygone. And be sure to check back for a ticket giveaway contest for this exciting new production!

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Audience response to Doubt, a Parable

For an art form that has lasting value, live performance is very under appreciated. I will certainly cherish this experience. Thanks for giving the tickets!

Below is a response from our ticket winner to Bygone Theatre’s production of Doubt: A Parable. I have heard through the grape vines that they have the next production in the planning stage already, so keep an eye on this blog and on their website for updates!

P.S. We have another ticket giveaway in the works. Look out for an announcement on Monday for your chance to win! Click here to read the response from Sarah Wong.

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