I Heart Jokes

Q&A with Evan Desmarais of I Heart Jokes

This is a really tough industry to crack and there’s a lot of people who give up. The coolest thing, is waking up every morning staring at posters on my walls of shows I’ve been in, thinking, they hey, I’m doing it. I’m on my way to becoming a comedian.

When we think of live performances, comedy might not be the first thing that comes to mind, as it is not particular “serious”. However, it takes no less preparation for the performers, who have the added expectation to write their own materials for their show. How many performing arts do you know in which the artists is responsible for both the creation and performance of their art?

In this Q&A, we’re very lucky to have comic Evan Desmarais share the comic’s perspective with us. He is launching the first annual I Heart Jokes Comedy Festival happening in Toronto starting on Sunday March 3, leading up to the second annual I Heart Jokes Comedy Awards on Saturday March 9.

We’ll be doing a ticket giveaway next week for their Sunday show featuring Joe Derosa. Check out a video of his stand up material at the end of this post and stay tuned for the contest next Monday! Read on…

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