Martin Julien

Toronto Masque Theatre reimagines the Myth of Europa

“Bringing together popular and contemporary music with old music in a way you imagine people’s iPods with all sorts of different genres…to me that’s what the masque is all about.” – Larry Beckwith

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Tickets: $45/$40/$20 at Toronto Masque Theatre

Audiences at Toronto Masque Theatre’s two-day run of The Myth of Europa (8pm on Friday and Saturday at the Trinity-St. Paul’s Centre) are in for a “very intimate show,” says the theatre’s founder and artistic director Larry Beckwith.

The show is inspired by on the classical myth of Europa and Zeus: the Greek god Zeus falls in love with the beautiful mortal Europa, and transforms himself into a tame white bull. When Europa climbs on the bull’s back, Zeus kidnaps and seduces her. It’s a well told story that will be presented through music of the past, and also that of the present. Read on…

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