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Pocket Concerts a Musical Gift to Treasure

It Must Be BeMused Poster

“The way we are presenting this wonderful art to people has to be a way they really connect with. That is our challenge. I don’t think there’s any doubt that classical music is here to stay.” – Rory McLeod

General ($40) / Student ($25) / Child ($10) at BeMused Network

This Saturday, at the home of Jan and Breda Matejcek (Avenue Rd. and Eglington Ave. W.), artistic director and violist Rory McLeod will mark the end of the inaugural season of Pocket Concerts in Toronto.

Pocket Concert launched their season back in August with a mission to dramatically reduce the distance between artists and audiences in the concert hall, without compromising one iota of the artistic excellence that Toronto has to offer. The seventh and last concert—It Must Be (Beethoven Gets the Last Word)—will feature violinists Csaba Koczo (founding member of the Tokai String Quartet) and Aaron Schwebel, cellist Bryan Holt, and McLeod himself on viola. Read on…

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