Nina Kaye

Q&A with Unspoken Theatre’s Nina Kaye and Natalie Kaye

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There are as many ways of telling a story as there are types of people that exist in an audience. Founded in 2012, Unspoken Theatre is exploring the historical and European roots of theatrical arts.  Artistic Director Nina Kaye harkens back to the time of Shakespeare, where poetry and rhymes took centre stage, and the actors drew out the meaning in the text.

The upcoming project is a collaboration with her sister Natalie Kaye, through her new work entitled Walking Around in a Dream. How do you mesh shakespearean prose, the language of the roaring 20s, and a screw-ball comedy format? A staged-reading tomorrow will give you a chance to check out this work. Let’s Misbehave is a PWYC event, and a fundraiser for mounting a full production happening 8pm this Friday evening at the Riverside Bookstore (808 Queen Street East).

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Head out for an opportunity to support emerging theatre companies, who are creating their own opportunities to engage their art. There’s a show out there for all of us and this may be one for you!

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