Wanderlust a fun mix of classic sounds with world music


I’m not a trained musician but I know what I like, and my night at Wanderlust was certainly a musical treat.

On the last Sunday of March, I had the pleasure of discovering three musical artists at Wanderlust at Lula Lounge, featuring Ozere, Ventanas (both from Toronto), and Briga from Montreal. All three bands are led by up-and-coming Canadian female artists Briga, Jessica Hana Deutsch (Ozere), and Tamar Ilana (Ventanas). Together they played an incredible array of traditional and original music including Roma, Flamenco, Celtic, Balkan, Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jewish, bluegrass and more. Plenty of audio samples in this entry!

Satisfy your Wanderlust with Ozere, Ventanas & Briga

The common thread that unites these three female artists is how these varied folk traditions have informed—and transformed—their music-making.


Tickets: $15 on BeMused Network or $20 at the door

On Sunday night, the stars line up for the Toronto-based Ozere and Ventanas along with the Montreal-based Briga Trio to share the stage at Lula Lounge. Wanderlust promises to be a eclectic night of folk instrumentals, vocals and flamenco dance, as interpreted and reinvented by three up-and-coming Canadian female artists in this emerging genre.

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Q&A with Jessica Deutsch of Ozere

I was not planning on becoming a musician, but music called me back very strongly and I couldn’t say no.

Following Ron Davis’s genre-bending trail, I have discovered Jessica Deutsch’s band, Ozere, which has a fascinating sound that draws from classical chamber, folk and fiddle music. They play old favourites as well as new compositions written just for the band. Tomorrow night (Nov 7, 2013 at 7:30pm) they’ll be playing in a beautiful yoga studio (80 Gladstone Ave., $15/$10 cover) in collaboration with The O’Pears vocal trio. The studio will transform into a performance space, with cushions for seats and home-baked goods for treats.

As an accomplished classical violinist, Jessica’s love of music is not limited to one genre, and that is certianly the spirit that Ozere transmits to the audience through their music. She has brought together like-minded artists who are well on their way to develop their own sound, and bring their music to a broader audience.

Don’t miss this chance to see great local music and home-grown talents. Here’s a Q&A with Jessica Deutsch, whom you can see also perform this Sunday with Ron Davis in his Symphronica concerts at Lula Lounge this Sunday at 8pm.

Don’t miss the videos of Ozere in this Q&A.

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