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Q&A with Clay and Paper Theatre’s David Anderson


Puppetry’s job, like any art, is to take on the biggest and most challenging questions of our age…to see ourselves as citizens who have a responsibility to ourselves, our children, our city, and even our world to make it a better place than how we found it.

Clay and Paper Theatre, 2005 Production of “The Space Between”.

Puppetry can be a powerful medium for civic engagement, often addressing topics that perhaps a live actor could not get away with in the public. Clay and Paper Theatre has lived by this vision since 1995, as they create (often with the help of the public) and put on pageants and plays in public spaces. All of their performances take place in the commons and transforms both the space and the audience in order to inspire them to think, to feel, and to engage.

Artistic Director David Anderson’s tenacity and deep commitment to his art and community can be felt in this Q&A where he shares with us stories of his early start in theatre, and the busy year they’ve got lined up starting with “Puppets on Ice” on February 24th. Check out and join in on the puppet-making workshops happening at their studio on Monday, Wednesday and Sunday until the 21st.

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