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Talisker Players’ Creature to Creature leaves wonder and curiosity


It felt as if my entire brain was being constantly stimulating. I know, sounds rather peculiar. But the fact I was listening to music I had never heard before, words I had not read before, and having someone perform and read them, made them come to life.

Talisker Creature to Creature header

On Tuesday night, I had the pleasure of attending the Talisker Players’ latest concert Creature to Creature. The programme was inspired by the medieval Bestiary, or “book of beasts”. A Bestiary is meant to hold up a mirror to human nature by using the traits of animals to serve as examples for human conduct.

For those of you not familiar with the Talisker Players, they are a unique ensemble who love to collaborate with singers, and present the music of living composers. Their productions are thematic, and always include elements of the spoken word. Poetry, memoirs, letters, essays, read by professional actors, are woven into the programme to elaborate on the theme and give a dramatic narrative to the production.

Texts were chosen by the composers to complement the music in last night’s programme. The “creatures” we got to know included poets, philosophers, lovers and even operatic rivals! The music and words carefully depicted several poetic perspectives, such as, irony, reflection “quasi-scientific detachment”, and appreciation for creatures that are both like and unlike us.

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