Samuel Barber

Songs of Languor and Longing at Heliconian Hall


The music is not something I prepare and bring for people to look at, it’s an exchange of energy in the space.” ~ Melanie Conly

General ($20) / Student ($15) at BeMused Network

This Sunday (date changed from Thursday) evening at the Heliconian Hall, soprano Melanie Conly and pianist Kathryn Tremills will be presenting a program of Samuel Barber, Hector Berlioz, Henry Purcell, George Gershwin, and Kurt Weill in her aptly titled recital, “Summer Nights: Languor and Longing”.

Conly has chosen songs with compelling stories about the composers and writers, in the hopes that audiences will be able to make their own connections with the pieces in an intimate setting, where acrylic paintings on wood by Laleh St. Pierre will also be on display.

We had a chat over coffee about the deep connections she has developed with these works over the years, connections that she hopes audiences will also be able to make. Read on…

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