Seeing Sound: FAWN Opera’s Synesthesia III


“I’ve had people come up to us at the last Synesthesia, elated, saying they had no idea classical music could sound like this.” ~ Amanda Smith

$20 (General) / $15 (Under 30) at FAWN Opera

Synesthesia is a condition where one kind of stimulus produces both the expected response — hearing a trumpet or smelling an orange, for instance — but also an unrelated experience: Synesthetes can “hear” smells and “see” sounds.

Synesthesia is also the upcoming performance by FAWN Opera, taking place at 8pm tonight (Saturday, May 3), at the Brockton Collective Studio (442 Dufferin Street Studio M). The aim of the performance? To bring contemporary short films and new classical music together.

In collaboration with an online cinema magazine, The Seventh Art, Synesthesia III will pair eight short films by Canadian filmmakers—Sofia Bohdanowicz, Stephen Broomer, Dan Browne, Liam Crockard, Christine Lucy Latimer, Eva Kolcze, Blake Williams—with eight classical pieces, composed especially for each film by Canadian composers Patrick Arteaga, Massimo Guida, Trevor Hewer, James Lowrie, Amanda Lowry, Chris Thornborrow and Patrick Murray, who also happens to be FAWN’s music director.

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