Q&A with Sasha Kovacs of Ars Mechanica Theatre

The experience was such a great one—filled with passion, excitement, risk and adventure—maybe that’s why we all decided to formally create a company.

With over 80 shows in the festival across 16 venues in the city, the SummerWorks Festival which is opening today presents theatre that “encourages risk, questions, and creative exploration while insisting on accessibility, integrity and professionalism.” It offers an experience of theatre that promises to be anything but the “same old”. The last time we talked to Vojin, the artistic director of Ars Mechanica, they were in the middle of developing a new work. Now you’ll have a chance to see their first work as a company, Show and Tell Alexander Bell, remounted at Summer Works to celebrate the recovery of Bell’s voice in a recording released by the Smithsonian Institute.

In this Q&A with Sasha Kovacs who plays the operator, Mary Moore, in the show. We get an insider perspective from one of the company’s founding members, and insight into the creative drive that binds performing artists together in their common pursuits.

Their show opens today and runs until August 18th. You can get your tickets here.

Click here to read the Q&A with Sasha of Ars Mechanica Theatre!

Alameda Theatre’s Chile Con Carne

Toronto is a goldmine of world cultures and international perspectives presented to a local audience. Alameda Theatre is a company that was created to give opportunities to Latin actors and playwrights to engage in and refine their art, and carving out a space for audiences to connect intimately the human experiences that we all share regardless of cultural backgrounds.

They are in the middle of a production run of Carmen Aguirre’s Chile Con Carne at Factory Theatre that is ending this Sunday April 14th. Told through the perspective of a young girl named Manuelita who is growing up in Vancouver in 1975 with her refugee parents. The play like many of Carmen’s works mixes “the highly personal with the political”.

We’re excited to share with you another double Q&A with Carmen Aguirre and Artistic Director Marilo Nunez. Read on to learn more about their passion for theatre and telling the stories that too often go unheard! Read more about their current production!

WIN 2 Tickets to see Barber’s A Hand of Bridge and Satre’s No Exit

Here at BeMused, it has been a pleasure discovering local and independent performing arts companies and giving them a hand in reaching a wider audience.

Last month, we featured the work of Soup Can Theatre in an insightful Q&A with co-artistic director Sarah Thorpe and Pratik Gandhi, and we are excited to offer you a chance to win two tickets to the opening night of this genre-blending double bill on Wednesday March 27th, 2013!

A charming opera, an existential play, a 14-piece orchestra. What more could you ask for?

Q&A with Roseneath Theatre’s Andrew Lamb

It’s very important to reflect their role as young people in our community back to them, so they can consider and reflect. At Roseneath, we see young people as little adults, not kids. They have just as complex an emotional life as any full grown adult, so why treat them any differently?

Roseneath Theatre’s Artistic Director Andrew Lamb. Photo by Cylla von Tiedermann.

The realities of young people today are becoming more and more complex. They are faced with challenges that are difficult to discuss and are often left with more questions than answers. Roseneath Theatre’s latest production of Hannah Moscovitch’s “In This World” directed by Andrew Lamb tackles the issue of how to handle unwanted sexual attention.

In this Q&A, Andrew shares with us his thoughts on the role that theatre can play in guiding our young people, and the unique experience of working in both the world of education and performing arts.

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Loved Doubt the movie? Go see the play (for free.)

Since our Q&A with Bygone Theatre, we have become inspired to try something new. We are giving away two tickets to their production of Doubt: A Parable (running Jan 17-19, 2013) in order to encourage YOU to experience and discover more of the performing arts.

Doubt: A Parable has gained popular recognition through the 2008 film release of Doubt, featuring a powerhouse cast of Meryl Streep, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Amy Adams. But what would it be like to experience it in its original form as theatre?

To qualify for the pair of tickets, simply respond to this question in the comments, on Facebook, or through Twitter: Is Father Flynn guilty or innocent?

We will select and announce the lucky winners this Wednesday, January 16th at 5 p.m.

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