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The Connective Joy in Stravinsky’s The Soldier’s Tale


“To me, the joy is watching like-minded multidisciplinary performers come together, and share each other’s world.”

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$20 student / $23 general & over 65
(Oct 25, 2014, 6:45pm) The Soldier’s Tale • (Oct 20, 2014, 8:00pm) The Soldier’s Tale
Performances at Yonge Centre for the Performing Arts.

Igor Stravinsky’s The Soldier’s Tale is often only heard in concert; the full production involving actors and dancers can be an unwieldy undertaking. But for artistic director Larry Beckwith, it is one of many such multidisciplinary productions that Toronto Masque Theatre has presented since 2003.

This coming weekend, presented as part of Soulpepper Theatre’s Global Cabaret Festival, Beckwith will conduct an ensemble of top-notch instrumentalists in collaboration with long-time artistic associates Derek Boyes as narrator and choreographer Marie-Nathalie Lacoursière. Read on…

Toronto Masque Theatre reimagines the Myth of Europa

“Bringing together popular and contemporary music with old music in a way you imagine people’s iPods with all sorts of different genres…to me that’s what the masque is all about.” – Larry Beckwith

Myth of Europa header

Tickets: $45/$40/$20 at Toronto Masque Theatre

Audiences at Toronto Masque Theatre’s two-day run of The Myth of Europa (8pm on Friday and Saturday at the Trinity-St. Paul’s Centre) are in for a “very intimate show,” says the theatre’s founder and artistic director Larry Beckwith.

The show is inspired by on the classical myth of Europa and Zeus: the Greek god Zeus falls in love with the beautiful mortal Europa, and transforms himself into a tame white bull. When Europa climbs on the bull’s back, Zeus kidnaps and seduces her. It’s a well told story that will be presented through music of the past, and also that of the present. Read on…

Experience the delightful and entertaining Arlecchino Allegro


Arlecchino Allegro blended together the traditions of clown, improvisation and chamber music in a very entertaining manner.

Under the artistic direction of Larry Beckwith, Toronto Masque Theatre celebrated its 10th year anniversary this past weekend with their annual cabaret. This year, they shared the stage with members of the internationally known Gorgonetrevich Corps de Ballet Nationale (GCdBN), with whom they had worked in 2003 in Tears Of A Clown. That show was so successful, they decided to update it this year as Arlecchino Allegro. which ran from January 23-25 last week in the beautiful historic Enoch Turner Schoolhouse.

1669756_536581406450030_1538305390_o Read on…

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