Tickets to Thin Edge New Music Collective at BeMused Network!
$13 student, artist, senior / $18 general
(Nov 6, 2014, 8:00pm) Cuatro Esquinas (The Four Corners)
Performances at Gallery 345.

Designing a program for a concert often requires skillful finesse between what is new and what is familiar to the audience.  What excites me is seeing the balance in the plethora of new and challenging works that members of the Thin Edge New Music Collective (TENMC) and visiting special guest Laura Ventemiglia have specially prepared for their audience in Cuatro Esquinas (Four Corners) — also TENMC’s first international collaboration project.

Moved by Ventemiglia’s performances of Cage and Stockhausen, co-artistic directors Ilana Waniuk and Cheryl Duvall met the Argentinian native while serving as guest artists in residence at the SoundSCAPE Festival in Maccagno, Italy in July 2013.  Upon hearing her impassioned dialogue of Argentinian contemporary music, Waniuk and Duvall knew they had to work with Ventimiglia.  Their efforts have now culminated in the premiere of Cuatro Esquinas.

Audience members will be treated to works of composers from  both countries:  Cecilia Villenueva, Marcos Franciosi and Gerardo Gandini from Argentina, and Linda Catlin Smith, Mark Molnar and Adam Scime from Canada.  The evening will also feature two new works by Marcos Franciosi and Mark Molnar, composed specifically for Cuatro Esquinas.  Marcelo F. Lazcano’s new duo for violin and piano will also be featured in the concert, and there is also something for those of you who love contemporary music but find comfort in household names!  Selections from Karlheinz Stockhausen’s Natural Durations for solo piano, as well as John Cage’s Daughters of the Lonesome Isle for prepared piano will round out the evening.

The concert will feature TENMC members Chelsea Shanoff on multiple saxophones, percussionist Nathan Petitpas on a wide variety of mallet and auxillary percussion instruments, Cheryl Duvall on piano, and Ilana Waniuk on violin.  Along with use of extended techniques on their instruments, Duvall and Waniuk will also be vocalizing, something that Duvall says has been exciting and different.

If you want to meet some of the composers, Adam Scime and Linda Catlin-Smith will be at the Nov. 6 concert, and Mark Molnar will be at the Nov. 8 concert in Waterloo.

Come enjoy a balance of the new and the familiar, the local and international, either in Toronto or in Waterloo.