All the audience needs to do is let the music settle and move them.

Saturday, November 29th, at 8 pm, marks the newest concert for Music In The Barns. Stepping away from the New Canadian Music featured in last season’s series, Artistic Director Carol Gimbel has chosen a deeply traditional programme. Elegantly featuring the talents of pianist Cullan Bryant and violinist Moshe Hammer, New York City artist Lana Jean Israel adds to the multi-disciplinary event with her modernistic projection designs at the post performance reception.

Also arriving from New York City via his native Arkansas, Cullan Bryant has had a busy year, with over seventy engagements to date. Coming out of the Manhattan School of Music, he soon made his Carnegie Hall debut in 1992. Mr. Bryant performed with artists such as Ju-Young Baek, Emanual Borok, Julia Lichen and Midori. Moshe Hammer arrived via post WWII Budapest and a youthful Israel, where he gained his reputation as an award winning violinist. Having studied at Tel Aviv’s Rubin Academy and The Julliard School, his teachers also include Jascha Heifitz and Yehudi Menuhin. Mr. Hammer continues a strong tradition of education here in Toronto, with The Hammer Band, whose mantra is “From Violence to Violins.”

Beethoven’s recognizable Piano Sonata in C sharp minor smoulders, starting the concert off. The moody “Moonlight” music allows us to bid farewell to an unreliable and dark November. Debussy’s Sonata for Violin and Piano in G minor continues the dusky mood, joining the talents of Mr. Bryant and Mr. Hammer in the round. The evening concludes with Dvorak’s hopeful piano Quintet in A major, a reflective light welcoming the commencement of the Holiday Season. Like a decadent layer cake, Carol Gimbel’s musical programme allows each guest to add to the other’s work, while the quintet supports Hammer and Bryant like a glittering cake stand. This is not just dessert, but a sumptuous feast.

All the audience needs to do is let the music settle and move them in the historic and surprisingly beautiful acoustic setting. Enjoy a glass of wine from the cash bar and mingle with the performers at the post concert reception. Tickets run from $25 to $35 in advance and can be purchased online at, or in person at Soundscapes, located at 572 College Avenue. Doors open at 7:30, with limited tickets available at the event for $30 to $35. Escape to the main space of the Artscape Wychwood Barns, 601 Christie Avenue, for an evening of sophisticated chamber music. You’ll be delighted you did.