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Revisit the Classics and Discover the New with Adam Sherkin

BLOG_header_adam_sherkin_2014(Photo credit: Nick Kozak)

“These composers whose music we hear so much, they were living, breathing people, who had a very practical side to their lives, their performing career.” ~ Adam Sherkin

  Adam Sherkin’s free noon-hour series at the St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts:
(Nov 6, 2014, 12:00pm) Rachmaninoff: Preludes of the North

Thursday, November 6th marks the second in pianist Adam Sherkin’s series of six noon hour concerts, held in the lobby of the St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts.

Each of the monthly concerts introduces a notable classical composer-pianist. Each is also being performed by an excellent composer-pianist – Adam composes contemporary classical music and will be including his own works in each concert. Read on…

A Seriously Light-Hearted Look At Our Fears


” It’ll be a fabulous evening and a whole lot of really good spirit all night.”

The evening of October 25 is when fears come alive — literally, if you’re in Dufferin Grove Park. Organized by Clay and Paper Theatre, Night of Dread is coming back to the park and the community for its 15th year starting at 6pm with a parade, followed by pageantry and celebration at the park at 7:30pm.

A “pre-emptive strike” against the consumerism that’s taken over Halloween, Night of Dread is a parade bringing us face to face with our fears given — often very large — form. But fear not! The night culminates with the participants facing down their fears and mocking them. Read on…

Co:Lab — Glenn Gould’s “Uninvited Guests”

Artists are collaborators at heart.

Co:Lab facilitates collaborations within and across disciplines.

Glenn Gould inspired “Uninvited Guest” pr6oject
Who: Performances by Billy Iannaci, Andrew Testa.
Special guest: Faye Perkins of Real World Artist Management & David Jaeger retired CBC producer
Where: Balzac Coffee at Distillery District
When: meetup feat. Faye Perkins at 6:30pm, free show at 7:15pm, conversation continues at 7:45pm
RSVP: Scroll down for details! Please indicate your interest even if you can’t attend.

Related blog post: Become Glenn Gould’s “Uninvited Guest” by Margaret Lam (Aug 26, 2014)


One of the primary purposes of BeMused Network is to be a catalyst for sustainable change in the performing arts community. Our vision encompasses all the performing arts, and we have heard from many artists that they want to collaborate across disciplinary boundaries.

Co-creation is any act of collective creativity that is experienced jointly by two or more people. It is a special case of collaboration where the intent is to create something that is not known in advance. (Source: P2P Foundation)

UG_GlennCo:Lab is an initiative being developed with the spirit of co-creation and intra-disciplinary collaboration. To get things rolling, artists from all disciplines are invited to join us at the launch of “Uninvited Guests”, a musical project under the auspices of the Glenn Gould Estate. At this event, details about collaborative opportunities will be announced, and the topic will serve as a catalyst for our first Co:Lab meeting in the Distillery District.

The details are still coming together, but if Co:Lab sounds like your cup of tea, please RSVP and save the date.

“Glenn Gould” Edition co-created with Real World Artist Management.

Learn to Leverage your Network with Margaret Lam


“I think the simple act of having a plan is already going to be a major leap forward from going on your gut instincts or hunches.”

Thanks to everyone who took part in last week’s “Growing from the Bottom Up” workshop, and to Genevieve Tran at NetGain Partners along with Doug Simpson for synthesizing the knowledge and insights they have gleaned from working across the arts and culture sector in the last two decades. The final summer workshop this Wednesday will be all about “Leveraging Your Network”, hosted by BeMused Network founder Margaret Lam at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Information (140 St. George Street), 4-6pm. Read on…

Growing from the Bottom Up with Genevieve Tran


“If you educate yourself, if you know that there are steps in the real world that you should take, then you’ll take them and you will grow successfully.” ~ Genevieve Tran

Last week’s “Legal Fundamentals” workshop with Andreas Kalogiannides was a great success. It was a catalyst for a variety of conversations and covered important topics that many independent artists overlook.

The second workshop, taking place on August 6, will be hosted and presented by NetGain Partners (53 Berkeley Street), a boutique management consulting firm that has a long history of working with many major arts organizations in Toronto. They share our passion and belief that there is tremendous potential to be cultivated within the independent performing arts sector, and BeMused Network is excited to have them as collaborators on this pilot series. Read on…

Legal Fundamentals with Andreas Kalogiannides


“If your goal is to make a living from your creative work – or even a lifelong career – then you must give thought to more than just being a creator.” ~ Andreas Kalogiannides

The upcoming professional development workshops are just one facet of BeMused Network’s effort to help the performing arts community connect in real life. Knowledge sharing is an important part of cultivating an independent performing arts career, “and these workshops bring together like-minded artists and domain experts in legal, business, and technology spaces,” says Margaret Lam.

Think to the conversations you might have had at the pub or at a gig – where you might have serendipitously mentioned a problem you were having to just the right person who had a solution. The workshops aim to give serendipity a hand, making connection facilitation an explicit goal. Read on…

Westwood marks inaugural season with Big Band Tributes


“I was surprised at how much we enjoyed playing and the audience was highly appreciative. So I decided to do a concert of this great music from the twenties to the forties with a classical twist.” ~ Michael Westwood

Get your advance tickets ($20) at BeMused Network!

The debut season of the Westwood Concerts series will be concluding this Thursday, July 10th at Heliconian Hall with a tribute to the 1920s-1940s era of swing and big band music. The concert will feature pieces by such familiar names as George Gershwin and Duke Ellington. New arrangements featuring the clarinet will be performed by artistic director Michael Westwood. He came back to music after a long journey away, armed with a desire to share a vision of classical music performance that’s accessible, engaging, and fun. Read on…

Les Petits Nouveaux brings Gypsy Jazz to Toronto


“We were playing so much, people kept asking us for CDs, so we decided, we should really record one.” ~ Aline Homzy

General ($15) / Student, Artist ($10) at BeMused Network

This Saturday at 8pm, the gypsy jazz trio Les Petits Nouveaux will be celebrating the launch of their first (self-titled) CD. Come to 80 Gladstone and join this unusual group for a taste of well-loved jazz tradition with a contemporary edge.

But what exactly is gypsy jazz, anyway? The style begins with Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grapelli, the founders of the Quintette du Hot Club de France, says Les Petits Noveaux violinist Aline Homzy. Read on…

Illumination of New Beginnings


“You hear the saying ‘if you love something, let it go,’ and this is what we’re doing in the hopes it can grow. With other people coming in and taking over the reins, it can happen.” ~ Victor Cheng

General ($20) / Student, Child ($15) at BeMused Network

Illumination is the newest Sneak Peek Orchestra concert, taking place at 4pm on June 1st at the St. Gabriel Passionist Parish. The group’s final show with co-founder, co-artistic director, and composer Kevin Lau, this concert will highlight the orchestra’s accomplishments and mission, including a work by the orchestra’s youngest ever member – and Kevin’s student – 13-year-old Ian Chan.

Read on…

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