Artists are collaborators at heart.

Co:Lab facilitates collaborations within and across disciplines.

Glenn Gould inspired “Uninvited Guest” pr6oject
Who: Performances by Billy Iannaci, Andrew Testa.
Special guest: Faye Perkins of Real World Artist Management & David Jaeger retired CBC producer
Where: Balzac Coffee at Distillery District
When: meetup feat. Faye Perkins at 6:30pm, free show at 7:15pm, conversation continues at 7:45pm
RSVP: Scroll down for details! Please indicate your interest even if you can’t attend.

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One of the primary purposes of BeMused Network is to be a catalyst for sustainable change in the performing arts community. Our vision encompasses all the performing arts, and we have heard from many artists that they want to collaborate across disciplinary boundaries.

Co-creation is any act of collective creativity that is experienced jointly by two or more people. It is a special case of collaboration where the intent is to create something that is not known in advance. (Source: P2P Foundation)

UG_GlennCo:Lab is an initiative being developed with the spirit of co-creation and intra-disciplinary collaboration. To get things rolling, artists from all disciplines are invited to join us at the launch of “Uninvited Guests”, a musical project under the auspices of the Glenn Gould Estate. At this event, details about collaborative opportunities will be announced, and the topic will serve as a catalyst for our first Co:Lab meeting in the Distillery District.

The details are still coming together, but if Co:Lab sounds like your cup of tea, please RSVP and save the date.

“Glenn Gould” Edition co-created with Real World Artist Management.