Co:Lab is the R&D arm of BeMused Network, whereby we involve the community with the spirit of co-creation and intra-disciplinary collaboration. It’s also where we engage in user-centered design practices.


What is co-creation?

Co-creation is any act of collective creativity that is experienced jointly by two or more people. It is a special case of collaboration where the intent is to create something that is not known in advance. (Source: P2P Foundation)

Current Project: Local Presenters and Venues

Local presenters and venues are always looking to connect with emerging talents, but they don’t always have the time and resources to discover artists like the ones on BeMused Network. With a growing number of independent and emerging presenters in our network, we are reaching out to the community at large to understand their challenges, in an effort to build a networking service that will help create more opportunities for independent artists and presenters alike.

What: Community Consultation (Oct 12-31, 2016)
Who: Independent artists, venues, presenters and managers
Where: Online survey, optional follow up interview via phone/skype
When: 30-40 minute sessions are scheduled at your convenience
How: Click here to take the brief survey!

This is your chance to help identify and address the service gaps as well as opportunities for independent performing arts! We read every response as part of our research and development. By simply participating in this survey, you will have a direct influence on future services that we release, and your suggestions could benefit yourself and many others like you. For those with more insights to share, we will schedule interviews around your availability, which could be the evening and even on the weekends.

We will be sharing the initial findings from this research at the Open House celebrating our three year anniversary. Go ahead and subscribe to our newsletter for announcements, and get an early sneak peek of what we have been cooking up!

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