“If we wish a different world, it is necessary to design humane and liberating technologies that create the world as we wish it to be.” — Bonnie Nardi

The objective of BeMused Network is simple. We want to address the challenges that performing arts organizations are confronted with in the face of rapid technological change, and find new ways of engaging people with the live aspect of performing arts. Sure, you can watch a concert on YouTube, and as cliché as it sounds, it really isn’t the same thing as watching it live.

Behind this vision is a group of creative and hardworking individuals who are either advocates of the performing arts or are performing artists themselves. We see the performing arts as going through a renaissance, where the future is uncertain but full of great possibilities.

We know we’re not alone, so if you feel as strongly about the performing arts as we do, please let us know by signing up. In return, you’ll benefit from our ticketing, crowdfunding and networking services designed and priced specifically for the arts.

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