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“These composers whose music we hear so much, they were living, breathing people, who had a very practical side to their lives, their performing career.” ~ Adam Sherkin

  Adam Sherkin’s free noon-hour series at the St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts:
(Nov 6, 2014, 12:00pm) Rachmaninoff: Preludes of the North

Thursday, November 6th marks the second in pianist Adam Sherkin’s series of six noon hour concerts, held in the lobby of the St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts.

Each of the monthly concerts introduces a notable classical composer-pianist. Each is also being performed by an excellent composer-pianist – Adam composes contemporary classical music and will be including his own works in each concert. Read on…

Go Concert Hopping this Thursday


The middle of the week, and sometimes even the middle of the day, is a time when rewarding musical experiences can often be found. Here is a concert hopping itinerary for this Thursday, October 2nd: Start the afternoon with a lunchtime concert with pianist Adam Sherkin, then follow up with the Paris-based Trio Wanderer presented by the Women’s Musical Club of Toronto. After a nice dinner, wrap up the day with the Eybler Quartet at Heliconian hall. And if you’re hungry for more, come back for a bonus concert on Friday night with Ensemble Polaris.

Read on…

Win 2 tickets to Adam Sherkin’s Exquisite Departure

John Adams, a well known composer of the minimalist tradition, is in town this week as the featured composer of Toronto Symphony Orchestra’s New Music Festival from March 1-7. Minimalist music is hypnotic, atmospheric and spine-tinging in the hands of a reflective and sensitive composer-pianist like Adam Sherkin. While the music is often heard in motion pictures and games, hearing it live in concert can be a meditative and transformative experience.

In the second concert of Adam Sherkin’s concert series at the St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts, the music is all about unforseen journeys and the melancholy of saying goodbye. Read more about this ticket contest.

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