Amanda Hancox

Q & A with Amanda Hancox, Executive Director of Dancer Transition Resource Centre

In today’s world, the vast majority of professional performers are self-employed, working on a contract basis, or self-producing. To succeed in the dance profession, they need to be self-made entrepreneurs with a wide range of skills, including budgeting, marketing, fundraising, grant writing, and business management.

Pursuing any artistic career takes tremendous focus and dedication. We are not only thrilled to start featuring dance as a performing art, but to also, in this Q & A, introduce our readers to Dancer Transition Resource Centre, an organization that provides professional support to dancers in various stages of their career. In this post, executive director Amanda Hancox shares with us the challenges that are unique to dancers, and reiterates the importance of continuing to learn and staying open to new directions and opportunities.

If you are a dancer, you may be interested in their free on the MOVE conference this Friday (Feb. 1, 2013) at the new Daniels Spectrum cultural hub in Regent Park. It is an opportunity for young and emerging dancers to meet professional dancers, network, and get some practical career-related advice as they transition from training into the professional world. Click here to read Amanda’s Q&A!

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