Andreas Kalogiannides

Legal Fundamentals with Andreas Kalogiannides


“If your goal is to make a living from your creative work – or even a lifelong career – then you must give thought to more than just being a creator.” ~ Andreas Kalogiannides

The upcoming professional development workshops are just one facet of BeMused Network’s effort to help the performing arts community connect in real life. Knowledge sharing is an important part of cultivating an independent performing arts career, “and these workshops bring together like-minded artists and domain experts in legal, business, and technology spaces,” says Margaret Lam.

Think to the conversations you might have had at the pub or at a gig – where you might have serendipitously mentioned a problem you were having to just the right person who had a solution. The workshops aim to give serendipity a hand, making connection facilitation an explicit goal. Read on…

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