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New Audiences Are Not Unicorns


When done right, self-service is a great option to offer customers. When done to merely cut costs, or when done with a poor understanding of the user, it’s mostly annoying. – Seth Godin

Patrons new to the arts are often surprised to learn that some of the highest-calibre artistic offerings in cities like Toronto are primarily presented by volunteer-run organizations (like the Women’s Musical Club of Toronto), or just a handful of full-time staff (like Soundstreams Canada or Alliance Française).

They accomplish the Herculean job of creating rich artistic experiences and eye-catching marketing materials with limited resources. These are the hidden miracles that arts professionals and volunteers work everyday, despite the thankless task. The personal fulfillment they take from the job is one of the reasons they stick around, despite the fraught realities confronting the arts.

It is this dedication that makes the challenge of attracting new audiences such a frustrating one. What more can be done to show the value of the arts? How much more can we give to the creation of unique and memorable artistic experiences? Read on…

Audience Response to Classical Revolution

I discovered BeMused through Classical Revolution and was immediately impressed with their mission of connecting audiences to performing arts. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience!

Below is a response from our ticket winner to Classical Revolution and Vocallective’s concert, “Time Stands Still”. Having met up with Edwin Huizinga after the show, I know that he’s busy performing but also cooking up some more shows in Toronto in the spring, so stay tuned! Click here to read Rebecca Wilson’s audience experience.

Audience response to Doubt, a Parable

For an art form that has lasting value, live performance is very under appreciated. I will certainly cherish this experience. Thanks for giving the tickets!

Below is a response from our ticket winner to Bygone Theatre’s production of Doubt: A Parable. I have heard through the grape vines that they have the next production in the planning stage already, so keep an eye on this blog and on their website for updates!

P.S. We have another ticket giveaway in the works. Look out for an announcement on Monday for your chance to win! Click here to read the response from Sarah Wong.

To stream or not to stream?

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People are risk-averse. More often than not, audiences don’t venture to new or different shows because they’re wary they won’t get their dollar’s worth. So, they stick to what they know and are accustomed to. This is why franchises tend to do well; consistency. As a performer, would you consider live-streaming your live performances (in HD) to BeMused’s audience for a reduced ticket price?

Share your thoughts and comments as we would like to hear how you feel about this. Do you think this is a platform we should consider building?

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