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Ticket contest for Opening Night of Ballet Creole’s River

Taking a European art form like ballet and infusing it with the aesthetics of African and Caribbean dances seems like an unlikely union, but that is precisely what Ballet Creole is all about. This Thursday, they are opening their production of River, featuring two works entitled Trouchka, which was first created and performed in collaboration with TSO during a performance of Petruchka, and a Canadian Premiere of the work Fallen Angels.

To win a pair of tickets, simply let us know in the comments about the most inspiring dance you’ve ever seen!

You can also enter the contest by liking our contest on facebook, or retweeting it on twitter. Contest closes at 5pm on Wednesday April 3rd, so get your entries in!

P.S.: Check out our Q&A with General Manager Natassia Parson in our archives.

Q & A with Ballet Creole’s Natassia Parson

It is so important to remain humble and grounded and to understand that you are an artist in a craft, and the world for which you are creating this craft is ever-changing and shifting. Be open-minded and willing to make mistakes as you explore and grow as an artist.

Picture of several dancers in action, their dresses flaring

Dancers in a Ballet Creole production

In this Q&A, Natassia Parson, general manager of Ballet Creole, tells us about the dance company’s upcoming production of Tounkande, presented in honour of Black History Month in February and will be touring in major venues as well as schools. Fusing Afro-Carribean dance aesthetics with European dance traditions, you can experience their performances as part of the free concert series at the Canadian Opera Company on March 5, 2013. Don’t miss it if you are in the area! Read on…

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