Q & A with Pianist & Composer Adam Sherkin

The audiences’ primary challenge is distilling what’s good and what’s not and understanding what’s available to them, which really becomes a question of access. They have to discover their niche and their aesthetic, while appreciating the commitment the performers are putting into their performance, and form their own identity as an audience member.

Adam Sherkin is an active composer and classical pianist in Toronto with a newly released CD and a series of solo performances. He is also the founder of the Toronto Composers’ Collective. In this Q & A, Adam shares his thoughts on the challenges confronting both performers as well as audiences. Read on…

Q & A with Composer Monica Pearce

I am seeing a lot of collaborative love and respect happening between ensembles, both locally and nationally. I think this is exactly the right direction for new music, and I support it wholeheartedly.

For Monica Pearce, composer and founder of the Toy Piano Composers, collaboration is the ticket.  So is time management. Find out about some of the many collaborative projects she is currently involved in. Read on…

Q & A with Composer Kevin Lau

The performing arts allow us to get in touch with the deeper parts of existence, of what it means to live and be human. … And there is no rational method of persuasion when it comes to justifying this kind of value. All we can do is put on a good show and hope that people are emotionally moved to experience it again.

Kevin Lau, affiliate composer of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and Sneak Peek Orchestra‘s co-founder and artistic director, strongly believes in the inherent value of the performing arts. Read on for more of his thoughts on the challenges faced by concert performers and presenters.
Read on…

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