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Tap your Network for Hidden Potential



“Everything we do comes down to creating and maintaining meaningful relationships with those around us.” ~ Emily Rho

At the “Leverage your Network” workshop last week, everyone mapped out the nodes and ties in their networks based on their top three priorities. I went around asking people their impressions of the exercise. Here is what Emily Rho, pianist and general manager of Pocket Concerts, had to say. Read on…

Learn to Leverage your Network with Margaret Lam


“I think the simple act of having a plan is already going to be a major leap forward from going on your gut instincts or hunches.”

Thanks to everyone who took part in last week’s “Growing from the Bottom Up” workshop, and to Genevieve Tran at NetGain Partners along with Doug Simpson for synthesizing the knowledge and insights they have gleaned from working across the arts and culture sector in the last two decades. The final summer workshop this Wednesday will be all about “Leveraging Your Network”, hosted by BeMused Network founder Margaret Lam at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Information (140 St. George Street), 4-6pm. Read on…

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