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“The problem isn’t a lack of funds – the lack of funds is a symptom of the problem.” ~ Graeme Page (former NetGain Consultant)

In this guest post, Christine MacLean (freelance arts manager for the likes of Syrinx Concerts Toronto, Academy Concert Series, World Music Project and Toronto Classical Singers) shares her perspective as a participant in last week’s “Growing from the Bottom Up” workshop presented by NetGain Partners. It was so valuable to have the experience of consultants working with large organizations applying their insights to smaller and independent arts organizations. Let us know if any of the topics covered strike a chord with you!
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Growing from the Bottom Up with Genevieve Tran


“If you educate yourself, if you know that there are steps in the real world that you should take, then you’ll take them and you will grow successfully.” ~ Genevieve Tran

Last week’s “Legal Fundamentals” workshop with Andreas Kalogiannides was a great success. It was a catalyst for a variety of conversations and covered important topics that many independent artists overlook.

The second workshop, taking place on August 6, will be hosted and presented by NetGain Partners (53 Berkeley Street), a boutique management consulting firm that has a long history of working with many major arts organizations in Toronto. They share our passion and belief that there is tremendous potential to be cultivated within the independent performing arts sector, and BeMused Network is excited to have them as collaborators on this pilot series. Read on…

Professional Development Workshop Series Launch


Starting up your independent (is there any other?) performing arts career can be incredibly rewarding, but the journey is full of challenges.

A whole host of decisions must be made at every step. Most of these will be business, rather than artistic ones. Each business decision — from hiring a publicist to planning your finances to filing tax documents to distributing your work online — comes with a learning curve. It also comes with a price paid in an artist’s most valuable assets: their energy and time.

As it turns out, there are professionals and domain experts who are passionate about sharing what they know in order to empower artists. We have worked with them to develop workshops that will address the knowledge gap and facilitate actionable change.


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