Ron Davis

Symphronica an Ever Evolving Series


“I’m evolving as an artist. The best part of getting older is that we become more honest.”

Ron Davis, one of Toronto’s most vibrant jazz pianists, has been presenting his SymphRonica concerts at the Lula Lounge for nearly three years. His upcoming concert on May 31st, SymphRonica Meets the Dazzling Dancing Lombard Twins, is part of Lula’s 10th annual LulaWorld Festival, taking place this month, is one you don’t want to miss. Read on…

Symphronica Bridging Musical Differences


Music can bridge differences between people and bring them together under a common spirit. That’s the underlying vision of Symphronica.

Subscribe to series for $70 (30% savings). Only until Sept 18, 2014.
All shows start at 7:30pm on Wednesdays at Lula Lounge.

(Sept 18, 2014) Neo-ArtMusik • (Nov 20, 2014) Gould meets Gaga
(Jan 22, 2015) Art of the Guitar • (April 30, 2015) The Drumbeat Returns

A well-known Canadian jazz pianist and composer, Ron Davis is the quintessential renaissance figure: Originally trained in the classical tradition, he had always looked for an opportunity to combine his two loves in a hybrid setting, even while he was a practicing lawyer and later a professor of French linguistics at the University of Toronto.

The search bore fruit in Symphronica, now a 10-years-and-counting musical child of a creative mind that sees connections between conventional boundaries, with an intuitive way of connecting with the audience. Read on…

Cooking up a storm with Symphronica

If it’s been a little quiet around here, it’s because we’ve been taking a break from our usual blog activities. Of course, we can’t wait to get back to doing it all bigger and better.

What we have been doing is teaming up with Ron Davis on Symphronica, happening at Lula Lounge three Sundays in a row on October 27, November 3 and November 10.

The concept of blending jazz, pop and classical music reflects our belief that the boundaries between musical genres, not to mention arts disciplines, should be bridged more often. Ron Davis, a Canadian performer and composer, also shares our passion for supporting local and independent artists and building these bridges.

While busy with grassroots outreach associated with Symphronica, we are also gearing up for BeMused Network’s launch and showcase as part of Canadian Film Centre’s ideaboost program, which we have been involved in since May. If you are not on our mailing list and want to be among the first to beta test our service, click here to sign up!

Check out Symphronica below!

SYMPHRONICA Sizzle Reel from RonDavisMusic on Vimeo.

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